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This English program has been suitably designed to meet the needs of an increasing market that has to interact in English internationally. It provides students with a sound linguistic base to master the oral or written language. More than ever before, English opens doors to schoolers, college students or any adults who want to pursue studies abroad, post graduate studies or just thoroughly enjoy a trip. Additionally, English is the communication tool for professionals who want to have a corporate career path abroad or set up a business. English is Lingua Franca everywhere!

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Available Courses
Curso de Idioma Inglés General


It develops the linguistic skills as a key foundation for the language acquisition and thus enables you to successfully perform at any social-colloquial situation.

Cursos de Idioma Inglés para Empresas


The language acquisition and learning is developed through cross-organizational topics which help you to acquire both business jargon and key linguistic expressions.

inlges especifico engintel


Any of these English programs develop terminology, specific jargon and / or skills necessary to outperform in your professional field.


Estudiantes y

Para complementar o reforzar los contenidos de instituciones educativas como colegios, institutos y universidades, permitiendo desenvolverse a nivel social coloquial.

Curso habilidades inglés 2021


Independent set of programs aims at developing skills in English necessary to succeed when making a presentation, writing or negotiating, among others.

Curso habilidades en idioma inglés 2021


Programs to undertake any international tests like SAT – IELTS – TOEIC – TOEFL. They develop the key strategies set to better perform on the diversity of items of the tests.


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