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Portuguese Program

This is a program suitably designed to acquire the Brazilian Portuguese.  It is ideally addressed to young adults or professionals who need to communicate in this language either to work or to meet immediate needs such as trips or stays in a Portuguese speaking country.

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From Basic to intermediate levels, each module encompasses conversational activities, listening, writing and reading from the beginning in a very meaningful way, thus contextualizing the topics in such a way that the students can incorporate them into their daily routine, while talking about the culture and society as well as the working and business relationships. The topics are carefully selected based on the target audience, and implemented with hands-on material and learning resources with audios and videos.  Each 90-hour level is implemented according to the requirements of the students at both the general or business version of the program.

  • Basic Level

At the end of this module, the learners will be able to participate and interact in conversations related to their work-life situations while using the appropriate grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation and rhythm in connection to the learning objectives of the level.

Some of the specific learning objectives from the level are, among others, the following:

  • *Introduce oneself and others, greet and provide personal information.
  • *Talk about their life or company and about their activities and interests.
  • *
  • *Give and understand direction.
  • *Describe products and/or services.
  • *Making recommendations.
  • *Talk about past events; meetings, decisions, among others.
  • *Be able to conduct in social or business meetings, with colleagues or foreign partners.
  • *Actively participate in meetings; discussing corporate problems, taking part in courses of actions, providing alternatives, recommendations, asking and giving opinions or suggestions.
  • *Making arrangements; set and change commitments, explaining plans and deadlines.
  • *Compare alternatives; taking alternative courses of actions.
Basic Level
Elemental Level

  • Elemental Level

At the end of this level, learners will acquire a broader lexicon and more complex grammar structures while using the language accurately at the different skills.

Some of the specific learning objectives from the level are, among others, the following:

  • *Interact with different counterparts while exchanging information of their personal and professional scope.
  • *Interacting over the phone; asking or giving information, confirming or rearranging meeting while using a suitable vocabulary and structures to succeed at the telephone exchange.
  • *Describing plans, results and activities.
  • *Exchanging information; descriptions and explanations about products and services.
  • *Read and understand financial reports, statements or procedures.
  • *Successfully interact at social or business gatherings.
  • *Participate in meetings; disagreeing or supporting an argument.
  • *Making arrangements.

  • Intermediate Level

At the end of this level, learners will be able to participate orally and in writing while using an accurate and suitable vocabulary range, grammar and all those linguistic elements that allows the successful communication in the language.

Some of the specific learning objectives from the level are, among others, the following:

  • *Participate in business deals and contingencies.
  • *Describe and discuss graphs and trends.
  • *Close agreements, contracts and deals.
  • *Discuss about the future of the company; strategic and business plan, projects.
  • *Develop a corporate social plan with budget and deadlines.
  • *Talk about changes in the market conditions, its causes and effects.
  • *Forecast or predict future events in the company.
  • *Compare information by means of analysis and contrast of the economic performance.
  • *Suitably apply business terms and expressions through the discussion of topics such as quality, human resources, and ethics, among others.
  • *Work with case-study methodology taking current trade agreements, market researches, new products or services, and environmental issues, among other topics, as hands-on examples.
Intermediate Level
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