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English Program

This English program has been suitably designed to meet the needs of an increasing market that has to interact in English internationally. It provides students with a sound linguistic base to master the oral or written language. More than ever before, English opens doors to schoolers, college students or any adults who want to pursue studies abroad, post graduate studies or just thoroughly enjoy a trip. Additionally, English is the communication tool for professionals who want to have a corporate career path abroad or set up a business. English is Lingua Franca everywhere! 



You may start your learning process from the Basic level to Intermediate and Advance and acquire a thorough base to use the language widely at any moment of your personal and/or professional life. Each level provides you with target vocabulary, jargon and key expressions that belong to a vast variety of topics whilst grammar is intrinsically learnt, as appropriate. It also develops communicative linguistic skills to use the language wisely and considering cross-cultural background to conduct yourself without breaches.  Levels are defined according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages –CEFR- and comprises from A1 to C2.  

  • A level - Basic to Elementary

At this level students acquire a sound foundation in English and thus they are able to perform and move within the following scenarios and topics:

  • *They can give and ask about personal information.
  • *They can talk about what they do.
  • *They can understand simple utterances about things around them.
  • *They can respond to personal questions on topics such as age, family, their home and work.
  • *They can understand simple sentences if they read them slowly and several times.
  • *They can write simple sentences, in a guided manner while using given elements.
  • *They can agree or disagree with someone by using simple chunks.
  • *They can follow some very short texts written in very simple language.
  • *They can understand and follow some short conversations that use familiar questions and answers.
  • *They can talk about differences and similarities.
  • *They can give and ask for opinions.
  • *They can talk about plans.
A level - Basic to Elementary
B Level - Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

  • B Level - Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

At this level students continue developing the language in context to enhance their lexicon and use English in a much wider spectrum of situations; they can perform within a vast number of activities at work or at their daily personal routine.  They also develop a sound pronunciation and can deal with many types of accents with almost no hesitation. English at this level facilitate the communication and thus they are able to perform and move within the following scenarios and topics:

  • *They can understand routine information and articles.
  • *They can scan texts for relevant information.
  • *They can write letters or make notes on familiar predictable matters.
  • *They can make notes while someone is talking, or write a letter including non-standard requests.
  • *They can understand straightforward instructions or public announcements.
  • *They can follow a talk on a familiar topic and interact accordingly.
  • *They can express simple opinions on abstract/cultural matters in a limited way.
  • *They can keep up a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics.
  • *They can update, talk about projects and delegate tasks.
  • *They can talk about schedules and future arrangements.
  • *They can talk about rules and regulations.
  • *They can give a presentation using visual information.
  • *They can make suggestions and recommendations.
  • *They can discuss and solve problems.
  • *They can talk about, describe and explain processes.

  • Level C - Advanced

At this level students consolidate a knowledgeable base in English and a complete awareness of its usage across different cultures and thus they are able to confidently perform and move within the following scenarios and topics:

  • *They can read quickly enough to cope with an academic course.
  • *They can understand documents, correspondence and reports, including the finer points of complex texts.
  • *They can take reasonably accurate notes in meetings or write a piece of work which shows an ability to communicate.
  • *They can write letters on any subject and full notes of meetings or seminars with good expression and accuracy.
  • *They can contribute effectively to meetings and seminars within own area of work or keep up a casual conversation with a good degree of fluency.
  • *They can advise on or talk about sensitive issues, understanding colloquial references and dealing confidently with hostile questions.
  • *They can describe relationships and negotiate or reach agreements.
  • *They can describe risks and participate in brainstorming meeting.
  • *They can make presentations and handle difficult questions.
Level C - Advanced
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